Here at Katherine Physio, we offer longer appointment times. This allows us to complete a thorough history and assessment, as well as hands-on treatment. We focus very strongly on long term results and on treating our patients as a whole person, rather than just dealing with an isolated body part.


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Our Speciality

We provide compassionate and personalised women’s health care, and can assist you with:


Pelvic floor rehabilitation post surgery or childbirth.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Incontinence – Stress, Urge, and Exercise induced.

Urinary Frequency.

Pelvic pain.

Pain during Intercourse.

Ante-natal and post-natal care.

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Further Education

At Katherine Physio we place a high value on continuing professional development. We have completed the following courses:


The Sports Pelvis & The Sports Thorax (L.J. Lee)

Aquatic Therapy in Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation & Neurology (Hydrotherapy Consulting and Training)

Getting a Handle on Common Hand Injuries (B. Taylor;  N. Turnbull)

Dry Needling- Introductory and Advanced Techniques (Dr Wayne Mahmoud)

Vestibular Rehabilitation (L. Barnes & N. Rando)

APPI Pilates Mat-Work Level 1

Women’s Health Physiotherapy (T. Hallam, WHTA)

Advanced Pelvic Floor & Pelvic Organ Prolapse (T. Hallam, WHTA)

Advanced Pelvic Floor: Implication of the Pelvic Floor in Musculo-Skeletal dysfunction, Exercise Prescription and Sport (T. Hallam, WHTA)

Stress Urinary Incontinence (Type III – ISD; T. Hallam, WHTA)   

Advanced Pelvic Floor Objective Testing (T. Hallam, WHTA)