Alethe West- Physiotherapist

Alethe graduated from the University of Sydney in April 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Physiotherapy).

Over the years, she has worked in a number of different settings including: Public and private hospitals; private practise; nursing homes; community health centres; specialised schools (working with children with disabilities), and the unique environment of East Arnhem Land providing care to the indigenous aged and  disabled.

Alethe is passionate about observing and studying the movement of the human body, and is naturally drawn to helping people live their lives to their full physical potential.

Over time, she has taken a special interest in continence issues and women’s health, and has delved deeper into this through numerous courses, including: 

  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy (T. Hallam, WHTA)
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor & Pelvic Organ Prolapse (T. Hallam, WHTA)
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor: Implication of the Pelvic Floor in Musculo-Skeletal dysfunction, Exercise Prescription and Sport (T. Hallam, WHTA)
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (Type III – ISD; T. Hallam, WHTA) 
  • Advanced Pelvic Floor Objective Testing (T. Hallam, WHTA)            

In addition to these, Alethe has also completed post graduate studies in: 

  • The Sports Pelvis & The Sports Thorax (L.J. Lee)
  • Aquatic Therapy in Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation & Neurology (Hydrotherapy Consulting and Training)
  • Getting a Handle on Common Hand Injuries (B. Taylor;  N. Turnbull)
  • Dry Needling (Dr Wayne Mahmoud)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation (L. Barnes & N. Rando) APPI Pilates Mat-Work Level 1

Alethe is a very active sportsperson, previously spending time in the USA on a collegiate scholarship for Athletics. She has also proudly represented Australia in both Athletics and Triathlon events.

Having a background in elite sport, Alethe understands first-hand the frustrations of not being able to do what you love, due to injury. That very frustration sparks her desire to do everything possible for her patients – sport-lovers or not – to overcome injury, and live their life pain-free, physically fit, and strong in both body and mind.

Alethe is an active member of Women’s Health Training Associates and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

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